Antique Preble County Covered Bridges

Preble County Covered Bridges


Preble county Covered Bridges


Preble County, Ohio is home to seven antique covered bridges, most built by Evert S Sherman, who came to Eaton in 1886. Five of the seven antique  bridges are still in use today. At one time the county was home to 29 covered bridges, but over time many have been removed or replaced.

roberts2The oldest covered bridge that is still sanding in Preble county is the Roberts bridge in Eaton, OH. The Roberts Bridge was built in 1829 and is the Ohio’s oldest covered bridge and one of the last double barreled covered bridges in the state. The Robert’s bridge is no longer open to traffic. Today it stands near the beautiful Crystal Lake Park, and is a popular spot for picnicking, flying kites and feeding the ducks.

In 2012, citizens of  were pleased to welcome the newest Preble county covered bridge built in the area in over 100 years, The Hueston Woods Covered bridge. The new bridge spans Four Mile Creek in Hueston Woods State Park and is passable by vehicle and on foot.

Other Preble county covered bridges include the Harshman  Bridge, Christman  Bridge, Geeting  Bridge, Dixon’s Branch  Bridge , Warnke  Bridge and Brubaker  Bridge, all of which are still standing and many of them are still in use today

You can find a map of all of the Preble County covered bridges on the Preble County Visitor’s Bureau website.

Preble County Covered Bridges